Noob Woodworking: Glue-up

My math was off for the long sides of the table, so the aprons were longer than the tabletop.  I had to take another inch off of them and re-drill the dowel holes.  I think that I will use biscuits instead of dowels in future projects (another tool purchase – yay!). Anyway, here is the glue-up for the legs and apron:

Noob woodworking: Table Project

I’ve decided to give woodworking a try, and for my first project I am making a knitting machine table.  Last week I went to Lowe’s and bought the wood, stain, and varnish.  I started out by cutting the legs from 2 X 4’s since they really didn’t have the exact wood I needed.  I ripped the 2 X 4’s into the 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ pieces I needed and tapered them using my taper jig from Rockler.  I then drilled the dowel holes with my drill press.  So far everything seemed to be going ok. Today I decided to put the…Continue reading Noob woodworking: Table Project