Retro Orks

Ok, one of the cool things that has kind of gotten lost was the concept of ork clans, each clan had it’s own distinct idiosyncrasies and appearance.  Nowadays, the only way to tell one ork from another is through paint schemes for the most part.  So I plan on using some third-party heads to represent other clans along with the paint schemes.  So far I have Deathskulls (Lootas) and Goffs (standard out of the box slugga boyz). Upcoming plans include a repaint of my shoota boyz into Blood Axes with heads provided by Kromlech: and Bad Moonz using these heads…Continue reading Retro Orks

Bonus Feature: Grot Mob

I finished up the Runtherder recently, so I thought I would showcase his charges.   When I was setting up this shot, I noticed that I hadn’t finished the gun barrels on a few of them, so I went ahead and finished the initial colors for this mob.  Enjoy!

WIP: Mek Grotbug II

I didn’t like the way the force field generator looked on my mek, so I made a few changes.  All of the metallics weren’t coating well, so I decided to redo the main tower with the classic Goff checkerboard pattern.  The cast was so poor that the multicolored cables weren’t looking very clean, so I just made everything black.