After some consideration, I’ve decided to scrap my campaign manager. The common consensus is that the type of campaign that I had in mind usually isn’t sustainable due to player commitment, or that people usually give up in map based campaigns when they start losing and cannot recover. I can totally understand this, it’s hard to enjoy a game that you have no chance of winning. Instead I plan on getting back into 40k and maybe Malifaux if I have time.

Developer Notes 08/02/2011

I am still trying to determine the steps for setting up a campaign before I start trying to figure out how to make this mess work.  So far the sequence I am looking at is: Campaign Master sets game options (see this entry) Choose map and set up features such as custom encounter resources Define campaign participants Select player starting points I plan on next determining how the database schema will be set up to handle the amount of data in the campaign.  The hardest part will be to figure out how to represent an interactive game map from the…Continue reading Developer Notes 08/02/2011

Developer Notes – 07/26/2011

Here are some of my notes which govern campaign setup: Rules configuration options: Theme This selects the theme for the campaign, the themes available are Fantasy, Futuristic, or Historical. Minimum Army Size This is a setting which sets the minimum size of an army. Maximum Army Size This setting sets the maximum allowable size of an army. Resources Each hex on the map represents a resource, they can represent scant, small, medium, large, and huge. Resource Options Use default victory points – when checked, this option uses default victory points; that is, each resource has a point value that is…Continue reading Developer Notes – 07/26/2011