Age of Sigmar Raffle Tourney at GR War Room

This past weekend I attended the Age of Sigmar “Raffle Tournament” at the Grand Rapids War Room.  It was a 1500 Modified Vanguard and 3 game rounds.  Tickets were awarded for W/L/D, and completing in-game fun tasks.  The player then had the option to allocate the tickets for drawings for a number of prizes.  After perusing the available prizes, the only thing I saw that I was interested in was some aelf miniature boxes. I didn’t really have an optimized army to participate with – I pretty much threw together an army of what models I had available.  My final…Continue reading Age of Sigmar Raffle Tourney at GR War Room

Age of Sigmar Trial Game

My local game store (AFK Games) had an Age of Sigmar newbie event for anyone who was interested in giving it a go.  I haven’t played Warhammer Fantasy in about 20 years, so it seemed like a good opportunity to try it out.  I packed up my square-based  Empire army and headed out to AFK to see if I could make an army out of the array of figures I had. My Empire Army consisted of a lot of old GW figures as well as stuff from the game BattleMasters.  Back in the days when I played WHFB, Empire was…Continue reading Age of Sigmar Trial Game