The 2016 Michigan GT

Another Michigan GT has come and gone, and what growth we have experienced!  When we started this event in 2013, it was attended by less than 60 people and we only had one game system. Fast forward to 2016, and we had:

  • Over 300 attendees
  • 11 game systems
  • 750 individual rounds of games played
  • $1252.00 raised for charity

Needless to say, we have experienced a lot of growth!  2017 will probably shape up to be even bigger, and will probably be the limit of what our small group of volunteers can handle.

We also had a record number of sponsors this year. Without their generous support, we wouldn’t have the outstanding prize support we can provide.  If you attend, there is a solid 30% chance you will walk out with something cool. That’s pretty darn good.

New Events

We added five new systems this year:

  • 9th Age
  • X-Wing
  • Malifaux
  • Game of Thrones LCG
  • Dropzone Commander

The attendance for first year events was pretty good.  I am hoping word gets out so that they can grow.  The tournament organizers did a great job setting these up, if you are a part of these communities and did not attend, you missed out on some great events.

My Experience

It’s been my great pleasure to be a part of this GT since its inception.  The people involved in the organization and execution of this event are top-notch and dedicated to bringing you the best gaming event in Michigan.  Most years you will see me just lurking around providing support and sometimes painting on the sidelines.  This year I was the ringer for the 40K Tournament.  Day 1 I wasn’t needed, so I continued my lurk/paint routine.  Day 2, we had a few drop out and I had to dust off my very non-competitive Blood Axe (AM) list and play a couple of games.

My first game was with the top-ranked Tau player in the tournament – needless to say, it was short and pretty one sided.  Half of my vehicles were destroyed on turn one, and I was tabled by turn four.  Three riptides and a stormsurge will pretty much destroy a non-competitive army quickly.

Game two was against another Guard player, and was much more enjoyable.  Turn one was rough as I had to endure a fusillade of fire from a classic Guard gunline, but when my knight made it into the backfield, fortunes reversed.  He was definitely the MVP of the game, while my grot infantry platoon was a close second for holding the game winning objective (even though they spent half of it eating dirt).

The looted knight runs amok in the backfield!

Next year, I am hoping to participate in Jeff’s 30K Narrative event, it was a smashing success this weekend with lots of positive feedback.