Age of Sigmar Trial Game

My local game store (AFK Games) had an Age of Sigmar newbie event for anyone who was interested in giving it a go.  I haven’t played Warhammer Fantasy in about 20 years, so it seemed like a good opportunity to try it out.  I packed up my square-based  Empire army and headed out to AFK to see if I could make an army out of the array of figures I had. My Empire Army consisted of a lot of old GW figures as well as stuff from the game BattleMasters.  Back in the days when I played WHFB, Empire was…Continue reading Age of Sigmar Trial Game

The 2016 Michigan GT

Another Michigan GT has come and gone, and what growth we have experienced!  When we started this event in 2013, it was attended by less than 60 people and we only had one game system. Fast forward to 2016, and we had: Over 300 attendees 11 game systems 750 individual rounds of games played $1252.00 raised for charity Needless to say, we have experienced a lot of growth!  2017 will probably shape up to be even bigger, and will probably be the limit of what our small group of volunteers can handle. We also had a record number of sponsors…Continue reading The 2016 Michigan GT