The Michigan GT is Almost Here!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already been a month since my last update!  The Michigan GT will be upon us tomorrow, so the last month has been a frenzy of site updates, sponsors, getting people registered, etc.  This is going to be the biggest GT we have run so far with over 260 people signed up to play in our various events.  It’s been a lot of growth, very quickly. When we first started running the GT in 2013, we had less than 60 attendees and one event.

My role in the GT is usually that of web developer and graphic designer.  This year, I am also creating the trophies for the GT – we purchased mugs with our logo and I have etched over 80 mugs with event categories!  I’m hoping they are going to be a hit, they seem a lot more fun than just a plaque!

The 2016 Michigan GT prize mugs!

Here is an example of the printing on the front of the mugs, the back is etched with the event and prize category.  This means that 30% of the attendees are going to walk out with a minimum of a swag bag and a cool, one of a kind mug.  It’s not quite “everyone gets a trophy”, but it’s still pretty darn cool!

Another cool thing is that I finally got to play with some of the stuff I bought over a year ago – my Paasche air eraser and my KNK Force die cutter.  It was a lot of messy work, but I think they are going to be a hit at the GT.

Next year, I may look into investing in a laser cutter/engraver – it would make the job much faster and give me the ability to do finer work.




Nothing really to show in the realm of models this week, but I will try to get more stuff up in the future.  I have a Raven Guard 30K army on my table, US Bolt Action force, and my ever-expanding Blood Axe ork force.