Adepticon Flashback: Grot Infantry Platoon

This was another fun project that was full of character!  My Grot Infantry Platoon was made up of products from Kromlech, Secret Weapon, and Games Workshop.  For the troopers I used the Soviet Goblin Attak Mob.  These guys are awesome, they have a lot of character in their faces, the uniforms are totally cool, and the castings were great!

infantry squad wip
Infantry Squad
Infantry Command Squad
Command Squad

I decided to forego the use of special weapons in this squad as it was a static gunline and the bodies were just protection for the lascannons.  In retrospect, flamers may have been a good option for receiving charges and cheap.  I ran three squads of them which was 26 infantry and 4 heavy weapons.

As has been standard with most of my army, I started out with the primer/base coat of Krylon OD Green Camouflage paint and let cure for 24 hours.  I then painted all leather and other brown parts, buttons with tin bitz, and applied a sepia wash.  Next I painted the skin with Goblin Green and washed with Coelia Greenshade, and then highlighted with the base color once the ink was dry.  Lastly, the red and yellow was painted along with the black with metallic chipping.

Unfortunately, the mob came with slottabases, so before I flocked them, I covered the slots with masking tape before giving them a coat of watered down PVA glue and a dunk in the sand bucket.

based platoon
It’s all about that base.

Next, I had to figure out how to do my heavy weapon teams – I wanted to do something fun and keep the army in character.  I could have just put down heavy weapons and grots on a base, but I wanted something more interesting.  In a very old Blood Axe list, one could take Ogryn Mercenaries – light bulb lit up!  I bought an Ogryn box set and started trying to figure out how to attach the heavy weapon of my choice to them.

The ripper gun makes a great base for mounting a heavy weapon, all I had to do was cut off the barrel, and cut along a natural line down the weapon.  I next drilled a hole on the underside of the remainder of the upper receiver and glued in a magnet.  The sentinel lascannon almost fit against this perfectly, so I magnetized it as well.

Infantry heavy weapon
Lascannon mounted to ripper gun – note where the join occurs.

This setup allows me to swap it out for other weapons if I want. The HWT autocannon also fits in this setup really well if I invert it.

I was pretty happy with the end result of this conversion!

Heavy Weapon

Heavy Weapon

Heavy Weapon

After a playtest, I learned that my squads didn’t have much to hit back with once they were in assault. To fix this, I added power axes to my sergeants. This gave me a little extra hitting power since they each have two attacks in assault and two close combat weapons. This gave me a total of 9 power attacks, which can inflict some hurt!

Sergeant power axes

Overall, this was a pretty fun unit to paint and convert. In the future I may add more squads and a conscript mob.

Finished Platoon