Blood Axe Project

64240_294512107423748_3163761065816220360_nWell, as I said previously, I am taking my lemon army and trying to make lemonade.  I am working on a 1500 point list for the Adepticon Warhammer 40K Friendly event.  I’ve never really been a hyper-competitive player, and unfortunately, I feel like this current incarnation focuses more on competitive players than anything.  I don’t really see anyone “forging a narrative” .  If this was the intent, I think they have fallen way short.

Anyhow, I am putting together a fun army full of conversions – I said earlier that I am working on an “orkified” Astra Militarum army.  Anything that is an ork will have carapace armor to reflect their toughness – veterans have the grenadier option, or they are Tempestus Scions.  Regular guardsmen will be represented by gretchin models.  I don’t have regular guardsmen in my friendly list this time – I’m trying to get the most use out of stuff I already have.

My veteran squads consist of one squad of “GI” themed orks – for them, I used the Kromlech Yank heads, and their nice set of armored torsos.  The other squad I themed after Catachans, I had some pirate themed heads from Maxmini that were perfect, I took all the heads that have bandannas.

Photo of Catachan themed ork model
Catachan themed Blood Axe veteran
Photo of GI themed ork veteran
GI Themed Ork Veteran

These are my two Troop choices.  I will have a Pask Tank Commander Leman Russ Punisher and a Leman Russ Executioner for my HQ, a Manticore, and two Wyverns for Heavy Support.

In the rules from last year, bonus points can be earned by taking a full strength unit of a unit type seldom used.  In my case, this was either a full unit of rough riders, or ogryn.  Ogryn would be easier to do, since I could just use the GW models, but a full unit weighed in at 410 points, too much to dump into a lackluster unit.  I’ve opted for Rough Riders – a full strength squad with a couple of melta guns costs 130 points.  Downside is that there are no GW models out there to represent modern orks riding beasts.  I poked around on Google for a bit and found beasts made by Blight Wheel miniatures that would be perfect.  Unfortunately, at the time I write this, they don’t have any of the riderless beasts in stock – I will probably email them and see if I can plan on seeing these in stock soon.

Ork riding beast
Riding beast for Rough Riders – I don’t think I will use the color scheme, but I like the model.