WIP: Big Mek Grotbug

I bought the Citadel Finecast of the big mek with kustom force field, and was pretty disappointed with the sculpt.  I expected a higher quality figure with the label “Finecast”.  Fortunately, the KFF portion of the sculpt was in decent shape.  The mekboy figure didn’t have the equipment loadout of the one in my army list, so I found an unused metal nob and took a suitable kombi weapon from the plastic nob kit to use as a “mekanized” burna.  This is still a work in progress.


I had planned on scratch building a couple of wartrukks for my army, but since that may take a while, I was thinking of using a couple of old school battlewagons for trukks since I have them on hand, and they only require paint.  I have one original, however I couldn’t find the front wheels – and another manufactured by Armourcast.  For anyone who doesn’t remember the original battlewagon, I managed to find a photo on Google: I think that this would make an excellent wartrukk until I can figure out how I want to make my own. Any opinions?

1500 Ork Project: Nobs

Here are a few Nobs I worked on today.  A couple of them were partially painted, the only one that was a fresh start was the fellow in the red mask.  I think I am going to use him for the leader of my ‘ard boyz, since looks more heavily armored than the other Nobs.  My cell phone camera doesn’t really do them justice, but I plan on using my SLR once everything is done.

1500 Ork Project: Warbuggies

These are my two rokkit equipped warbuggies, I made them from a regular buggy model, a wartrukk, and parts from a wartrakk skorcha.  I purchased the rokkits from ForgeWorld.  I HATE the driver and gunner models that come with these vehicles, so I enclosed the driver compartments  by cutting up a cereal box and making rivets with dots of PVA glue.  Being orks, they don’t have to look pretty!  

Noob Woodworking: Glue-up

My math was off for the long sides of the table, so the aprons were longer than the tabletop.  I had to take another inch off of them and re-drill the dowel holes.  I think that I will use biscuits instead of dowels in future projects (another tool purchase – yay!). Anyway, here is the glue-up for the legs and apron:

1500 Ork Project: ‘Ard Boyz II

I got the basic colors on and applied future wash to the skin.  I’ll have to let the bases on the old cyborks dry before painting, but I thought I would at least post a picture to prove I was working on them!  Job’s a good… well, decent ‘un!