Developer Notes – 07/26/2011

Here are some of my notes which govern campaign setup: Rules configuration options: Theme This selects the theme for the campaign, the themes available are Fantasy, Futuristic, or Historical. Minimum Army Size This is a setting which sets the minimum size of an army. Maximum Army Size This setting sets the maximum allowable size of an army. Resources Each hex on the map represents a resource, they can represent scant, small, medium, large, and huge. Resource Options Use default victory points – when checked, this option uses default victory points; that is, each resource has a point value that is…Continue reading Developer Notes – 07/26/2011


The Miniature Warzone was originally conceived as an online store and Games Workshop resource hub in 2001.  Unfortunately, at the point of launch, Games Workshop had prohibited the sales of their products through web only stores.  I eventually closed down the applications as well due to conflicts with GW’s legal department.  We had settled on how to keep the applications online, but at that point it really wasn’t worth my time so I decided to close the whole site down. After a multi-year hiatus and wondering exactly what to do with this domain, I have decided to dedicate this site…Continue reading Welcome!