Developer Notes – 07/26/2011

Here are some of my notes which govern campaign setup:

Rules configuration options:

This selects the theme for the campaign, the themes available are Fantasy, Futuristic, or Historical.

Minimum Army Size
This is a setting which sets the minimum size of an army.

Maximum Army Size
This setting sets the maximum allowable size of an army.

Each hex on the map represents a resource, they can represent scant, small, medium, large, and huge.

Resource Options

Use default victory points – when checked, this option uses default victory points; that is, each resource has a point value that is awarded to the controlling player. The points range from 0-4 dependent upon the size of the resource.

Additional/alternative victory points may be assigned when configuring the map.

Use support points – support points represent the ability of a resource to support armies on the map. If there are an excessive number of armies on the resource at the end of the turn, those armies suffer from shortfall.

Scant resources provide no support points or victory points, but can support up to one army.
Small resources can support up to two armies.
Medium and large resources can support up to three armies.
Huge resources can support up to four armies

If the use support points option is not used, a resource may only be occupied by one army

Use resource features – selecting this option allows the game master to create additional features that can be placed on the map – these features can have additional rules defined by the game master, and/or be worth additional victory points. Features may be declared visible or invisible. Visible features can be seen by all players throughout the campaign, while invisible features can only be seen by those who discover them. Once an invisible feature has been revealed to a player, that feature is visible to that player for the remainder of the campaign.