Hobby Flashback – Looted Imperial Knight

This is one of the more fun projects I have done, a looted Imperial Knight! This project started out as an idea for some heavy hitting power for my Ork army.  I didn’t really like playing Orks since they did away with clans, but I was already deeply invested.  My solution was to play my Orks as Astra Militarum, or as I call them Blood Axe Boyz.  This solves two problems – it makes my Orks enjoyable to play again, and also gets rid of the alliance issues since both are now technically Imperium units. Eventually I would like to […]


Adepticon Flashback: Grot Infantry Platoon

This was another fun project that was full of character!  My Grot Infantry Platoon was made up of products from Kromlech, Secret Weapon, and Games Workshop.  For the troopers I used the Soviet Goblin Attak Mob.  These guys are awesome, they have a lot of character in their faces, the uniforms are totally cool, and the castings were great! I decided to forego the use of special weapons in this squad as it was a static gunline and the bodies were just protection for the lascannons.  In retrospect, flamers may have been a good option for receiving charges and cheap. […]

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Adepticon flashback: Vendetta Gunship

I chose the Vendetta Gunship for its tankbusting abilities, and because it’s just a cool model.  Unfortunately, the only way to get the parts to convert it is from Forge World which also comes with a minimum order of £250 to get free shipping.  So off to look at third party vendors to see what I can find! I ended up getting the lascannons for under the wings from puppetswar, and a pair of sentinel cannons from eBay for the nose, which came to less than the Forge World kit, even with shipping. As with most of my models in this army, […]


Adepticon flashback: Rough Riders

My last progress post was about my Blood Axe Rough Riders unit.  This was a unit for bonus points in the friendly tourney; it’s a pity that they aren’t as good on the table as they look.  My initial design had a spear tip, but I decided to model it to bring it in line with the description in the codex.  The rough riders are equipped with explosive lances which detonate when the unit initially strikes.  I took some brass tubing and cut it to length, then took an ork stikkbomb and wrapped it in wire against the tubing.  I […]

Adepticon game photo

Time Flies….

Wow, it’s been almost a year since I added anything to this blog.  Well, let’s do the condensed version for the year… I ended up finishing my Blood Axe army a few days before Adepticon and played in the 40K friendly.  Unfortunately, my army was way too friendly and ended up getting stomped on – A LOT.  🙂 I did manage to tie one game and got several compliments on how my army looked.  Next year I will have something a little more competitive but not over the top! Also, the Michigan GT is coming up in 6 weeks, if […]

Playing catch-up

Once again, months have gone by since my last post, but it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been busy!  The past few months have been spent preparing for the Michigan GT, which was a resounding success – we doubled our attendance this year and gave away a ton of cool stuff as prizes! My 1500 Blood Axe ork project is also coming along, I managed to get a lot of stuff done. I finished a prototype model for my rough riders, which I am pretty happy with: It’s not in the photo, but I added a stikkbomb to the end […]

Building the Perfect Beast

In part one,  I went over my motives for building my unit of rough riders, where I found parts, etc.  Now that I have everything to do a prototype model, I’m going to put the parts together and see how it looks. As I figured, the Blight Wheel casts were pretty simple to clean, mostly just cutting down the spot where the sprue attached.  I used Kromlech Orc “Afrika Korps” Heads and ork torsos that I ordered from eBay.  Everything seemed to go together really well. I couldn’t wait for my 40mm bases to come in, so I stole one from […]

Blight Wheel Miniatures Mutant Steed – Part 1

I plan on playing in the WH40K friendly at Adepticon next year, so I looked at the rules from last year and discovered you could get bonus points for including a full strength unit of a unit that isn’t used much.  The choices for guard were a full unit of ogryns or rough riders.  Ogryns would have been the easier route as far as models go – however 3 boxes of them would have been nearly $150, and eat up 400 points of my 1500 army list.  That’s a big investment both financially and points for a sub-par unit.  So […]

Mail Call!

My minis from Blight Wheel miniatures arrived in the mail today! I took one out to look at it, and they look like very high quality figures – I didn’t see any mold lines to file off, and the casts were very clean! I will write an unboxing article when I have time!

Rough Riders

The guys at Blight Wheel got back with me right away to let me know that they would get me the models I need.  They have a lot of cool stuff, be sure to check them out. Now I need to figure out how I want to theme this unit.  I have a few to pick from, so I am going to list them here: Desert: Russian: Pith Helmets Boonie Hats: or Kromlech’s Russian hats: Any suggestions?